Thursday, May 4, 2017


I sure would like to see some sunshine and feel some warmer weather. You can call me impatient but it's difficult to be "up" when things are "down."

First of all, there will be no dandelion wine again this year. The storm of three nights ago has caused extensive power outages in our surrounding area. My brother is running two generators just to keep freezers and refrigerators going. We gave him a large foam box to protect his peeps. He'll line it with shavings and hope. It is difficult for him to have warm water - his stove is electric. A solution will be to start up the big wood stove which he most likely will do.  He needs to cut the grass at the airport but it's too wet! The pictures were taken last summer by my nephew and his drone.

Happy news! Our daughter just brought over a large hanging fuchsia plant. It will be in the carport as more cold and windy days are expected. She said the hummingbirds love fuchsia flowers and she should know - she's a master gardener. I can't wait to hang it on the front porch beam. She also brought some home made chicken vegetable soup.
Click on image to view larger

James is adorned with his new May/June garland but I'll wait for the sun to arrive to show you how beautiful he is. I do detect a smile on his face. He likes the change.


  1. I always loved hanging fuchsia, but I didn't know that they attract hummingbirds.

  2. Wow...that plant is beautiful! They don't do well here...summer's too hot. I 'll take some if that rain.

  3. Once again you and I live in different worlds. Having the main airport for the area not very far from here has made this place not only crowded but noisy at times.
    I love the rolling hills in the pictures, all very nice. Maybe someday we may move to the western part of the state or New Hampshire where the cost of everything is less.
    Do you have any of your baked goodies available? I just poured a mug of coffee.