Monday, May 15, 2017

The Day after Mother's Day

A trip to our favorite place to find flowers was our mission this morning. They are almost all still under the greenhouse cover but we did buy a few. Aren't they beautiful? Henry will be happy. 

I forgot to show you the simple and tasty lunch we had on Mother's Day. I love this BBQ chicken which is cooked by a local mobil setup in a nearby business parking lot. They just opened again after their winter's rest. The Mister said there was quite a lineup for dinners and even pork BBQ but just chicken halves are all we manage. A tad of Bailey's went along with them and we were stuffed! 
Of course there are snail mail cards set up on display and several e-mail messages were received. One of them was a funny and lengthy video card. Telephone calls from other parts of the country came through and I felt loved. Still do.

"Pecos Bill's barbecued chicken is grilled over an open flame and is basted with Hayley's Wild Wild White sauce throughout the cooking process. This results in mouth watering chicken that delights the senses."

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