Friday, July 10, 2015

Visiting Pair

My camera has given me really satisfactory performance for medium and close up photos, but when it comes to shots of far away critters, not so good. Guess I'll stick with 'closer to me' images; the 24X optical zoom is just not enough. Where can you buy a brand new camera for under $180.00 that works as well with most of my amateur efforts, as the one I have? It has had a lot of use since I bought it in November, 2012. All I have is all I really need. (For now.)
(click on image to view larger)
The young pair just arrived.
A Canada Goose sees the "intruders."
The boldest confronts the goose.
Then decides to move away before feathers fly.
The first one leaves.
The 2nd one watches his partner's departure.
And joins in the flight awaaaay across to the other side of the lake.
They are both now on a goose-free piece of land. Only one is shown here.


  1. very pretty groupings. i found a canon sx520hs with fabulous zoom for $200 on amazon a few months back. might be worthwhile to search their site every now and then for a good sale.

  2. First off, I think the photos you got and shared are marvelous!!! I LOVE the one of the two exiting over the lake/water!!! My motto is, if it's not broken, why fix it [or replace it]? But, you can find some good deals at Out of Stock website, and Amazon...sometimes E bay can have good deals. So, keep looking, they're out there. Just need patience if you want to wait for it to come your way.

    1. ...maybe it's overstock instead of out of stock. Our son buys from them often. I haven't yet. My place to purchase online is Amazon

  3. Geese are beautiful birds but they can be nasty. I got to close once and it came right after me.
    I bought a fairly expensive camera, close to $400 but I am getting tired of lugging the suitcase it came in and changing the lenses for different shots. My favorite camera has a broken button, the one you shoot with, I used it on my last trip to you know where by taking the shot with the remote. It's a bit of a pain especially when I take a picture with my hand in it.