Monday, July 6, 2015

Short Walk

I took a short walk up the road this morning. Sure wish I could take my cane and a chair to rest. It would have been too much because I took my camera intending to shoot wildflowers.

This will give an idea of what the lush foliage and area has become after all the rain.  It was a bright and warm day. There are pontoon boats awaiting passengers and another with visitors enjoying the lake.

First I saw blossoms on the bank
The Thimbleberrys are blooming earlier than usual
I hope to gather some for jam soon
Daisies are everywhere
There is much Crown Vetch
Fleabane Daisy:  Flowers are about ¾ inch across.
The Ferns show their glory
Sumac are flourishing
Queen Anne's Lace is starting to bloom. They smell like carrots.
These blackberries are ripening
These are starting to ripen
A 6 petaled berry blossom is unidentified-not a Dewberry
Tiny tiny yellows
It's a good year for Hosta
And lilies
And shade-tolerant Hosta varities
Lilies are everywhere
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  1. Mmmmmmmmm, now you have me craving blackberry pie!! One of my favorite desserts. And Thimbleberries....I'm not sure I've heard of this type.

    All the greenery around....just beautiful.

  2. I enjoyed seeing all your blooms. Such a pretty setting you have by the lake.

  3. My goodness you've got lots of plants and blooms going on! The vetch is particularly pretty...seems I've seen it around here before but in a different color. That pontoon boat reminds me of my uncle's camp that he sold last year. That was our taxi to get to the camp and I miss that!

  4. There are Hosta's around my house but I never knew what they were called. I'm not much of a gardener as someone else takes care of the yard. I wanna live by a lake!