Sunday, July 26, 2015

Early Bird

One of the 5 great blue herons that we know live nearby was sitting on our dock this morning at 6:30 am. I took the pictures through the kitchen window(s). They aren't clear because the pane on the storm window is very wavy. I tried to avoid the waviness. 

We know that there at least 5 living here because the other morning there were 4 roosting in the dying tree on our beachfront. When another flew in to join, the four flew away!

When it flew away today, one of the bald eagles passed over him, going in the other direction!


  1. Oh must live in such a tranquil environment!!! I would love to have this view outside my window.

  2. When my parents built the cabin on the lake they named it "Tranquillity" and they were married in Tranquility, NJ. Inside mother's wedding band is inscribed the word "Tranquility." The sign maker added the extra "l" and it has always been. It definitely was more tranquil here in 1961!