Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Mushrooms HD

* "Red, brown, yellow, black or white"…….they’re amazing to my sight! 
As I have mentioned before, mushrooms fascinate me. They are both beautiful and ugly. They remind me of people, but I'm only talking about their lifespan and outward appearance.   

We all arrive on this earth in many various colors, shapes, and vigor.  We grow fast, changing as we mature. Most of us propagate so more will come. Each one of us is different from the other, yet we are all of the basic sameness. We all leave when we are at our individual end, be it by accident, catastrophe, poor health, or by having a completely natural death due to age. Some die quickly and others linger, but we all die.

* (I was taught the child's bible song as a child and never forgot it.)
~Jesus Loves the Little Children~

There are only 159 pictures here! I have many others.


  1. Wow...where do I begin...the one with the fly on it...the one with the what looks to be a black centipede nearby, the upside down ones [they always remind me of old aged book pages] and the one that is very bulbous, jutting out of the tree --- the close up one, that looks so much like a sponge from the sea!! Not to mention the colors and a couple of the larger ones seeming to be protecting the smaller ones with an umbrella. Oh, ya, and the one with the dew drops.

    These were ALL amazing Ms. G.

    1. Thank you Anni! I really should try to identify the edible ones. The next two after the centipede show a slug in the lower right hand corner.

  2. That was a mushroom next to the flip flop right?