Friday, July 3, 2015

The Day Before

American flags wave at Cabin Tranquillity on Lake Chrisann. It's hopeful that more rain won't spoil this significant holiday which gave us independence and freedom from control by another country. We are sincere patriots. 

Today's the day before our Lake Association fishing contest, which the Mister and daughter and grandson anticipate.  Many of the families already have guests here who are swimming (YES!) and fishing and boating. Golf carts zip by and walkers and joggers are many. In spite of the activities, it is very peaceful and quiet. 
The Mister and most people have just completed lawn mowing and weed whacking projects. 

It is also the first day I have been able to hang laundry on the outdoor line! The checkered quilt that I made a long time ago is wool lined. The thick tapestry piece is used as a draft drape in the winter to cover the window which contains the air conditioner. There is a light breeze and the temperature at 11am was 68° which is perfect for drying.
I must confess that I "jury-rigged" the flagpole on the driveway side. Around here we often "make do." It is only temporary and my makeshift fix works well.
Young neighbors came to fish a bit today. Our boat still gets some good use.

Alyssa and Kyle
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  1. I love where you live! There are two lakes within a couple of miles from here but I don't have $700,000 to $1,000,000 to buy one. It's a great place to live but it ain't cheap!