Saturday, July 11, 2015

The New Guy

This is our new helper - "master" of tree trimming and weed whacking. Since the Mister can't do all of the necessary yard tasks, we are very lucky to have this fella. He did some satisfactory chores for both daughter and her neighbor and charged $15.00 hour. He works constantly and gets it done very thoroughly and quickly, cleans up very well and is dependable. 

Now the limbs won't get entangled in my clothesline as before, and the small trees that have started to grow on the bank behind the cabin are removed. We have already engaged him to do the autumn gutter blowouts and the leaf blowing. 

Hostas are finallyblooming
Rock garden flourishes
Everything is GREEN
Back behind the cabin all cleaned out
Steep bank all Creeping Myrtle
Behind Myrtle many trees
Trees on top of bank
A mixture
Going up some more
click on image to view larger

Great job well done. I regret not taking "before" photos. It was a mess!


  1. What kind of rocks are you growing?

  2. Your yard looks great and the flowers are so pretty... :)