Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yes, it's Cold

I don't know what the temperature went down to during the night but it IS colder today. I took this picture at 8am. 

 A neighbor, who lives about eight miles away, has a larger log home with a wood stove, two Eden Pure infrared heaters and their oil furnace going! Here, we only have the propane gas fireplace and are comfortable.  The interior of the cabin measures 24' x 36' which is 864 square feet. Remember that we have no ceilings and the rooms are open right up to the rafters.

I have shown these items before, and still like knowing and showing how we prepare for winter. The leaf blower actually will blow away light snow from areas we travel when we go out. The big snow blower will take care of deeper and heavier accumulations AND the pile in front of the truck from the township snowplow. We cover this blower with one of my old horse muck buckets! It keeps snow off of the engine. "Whatever works" is the theme here. The chair is for resting during outdoor task periods. (When age creeps in, stamina sneaks out.)

Of course there is the snow shovel, snow and ice scraper and broom handy. The ice slicer pellets are kept in refillable containers. This stuff is an all-natural high performance granual de-icer which makes getting to the truck and mailbox possible when conditions are icy. If a visitor comes when we're not home he can tell us about it. Please don't set off the mouse trap though! The four little ice block coolers are leaving space in my refrigerator freezer during cold weather.

The generator is important to us all year around. 
The cabin holds sturdy arms around me.
It is permanence.
It is safety.
It is sanctuary.
It is Tranquillity.


  1. As I have said to others on Blogger you live in a very different place than I do though we do share the cold.