Thursday, January 29, 2015


I'm resorting to reading on-line since I have no more books here to read. I like to have the actual book in my hands and turn the pages manually, and place one of my paper or leather bookmarks between the pages when I put it away for a while. I like the feel of a hands-on book, the options of reading a little bit or a lot at one time, especially when I'm having lunch. The town library is not a good idea today because we are planning to go where it is a little warmer in a week or so. 

Today I found some items that I'd like to share. First, I was learning more about tea. I like tea.
Did You Know? The tea that was thrown into Boston Harbor by the Sons of Liberty in December 1773 was a mixture of Ceylonese and Darjeeling. The same tea can still be purchased from the original blending house, Davison Newsom of London.
Then I found an interesting article in our local newspaper.
About 9 miles from me there is an old viaduct that will be having a 100 year celebration in September.
Photo by Robert Baker 1-25-15
Brooklyn Historical Society members voted to officially set the date for the celebration as September 5, about 100 years from the day of the bridge’s completion.
According to local lore and photographs at the Susquehanna County Historical Society, residents and workers celebrated the event by dressing in their most formal attire or Sunday best and dancing atop the span, in what was then called a “Cloud Dance.”
Soldiers guarded the viaduct during World War I. The soldiers slept in tents in the swampland near the viaduct. The viaduct is still used today.  
I took many pictures of this when I went on a nature walk in 2009.

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More about the town through the link below:


  1. I wish you were closer to me, I would keep you in books! I dropped off some at Goodwill today. Very interesting post today.

    Thank you so much for the kind words you always leave for me when I post. I appreciate so much!

  2. pretty impressive structure with a long history!

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  4. I love stuff like this. In my town we have some remnants of the same nature. Structures that were part of the old Middlesex Canal that ran from Lowell through here to Boston were later reused as parts of bridges. Where you live and where I live have much in common.

    Get your snow here! Who needs snow! While supplies last!