Monday, January 12, 2015


Yesterday as we were taking a short trip into town we almost hit a ring-necked pheasant that was right in the middle of the road here at the lake. I didn't have the camera with me. DANG!

Today at lunchtime the Mister looked out on the lake and saw a pair of coyotes on the ice. He knew what they were because he viewed them with his trusty binoculars. They ran right up into a stand of fir trees before I could get out there with my camera. DANG!
I'm gonna have to get my act together!!


  1. Well we ain't gonna see no coyotes 'round these here parts.

  2. I know what you many times good photos are missed. Been there, done that.

    And from your post below this!! OMGoodness. But I too like sunshine. Wishing we had some 'bout now.