Friday, January 30, 2015

Today's Winter

All sorts of goings on here in my area. The Mister has left his scanner on and reports are coming in from the communication center regarding the interstate and several accidents. There was just a report broadcast about a couple of chimney fires. Oh! A call just came in for more help - one of the chimney fires has spread to the inside. The scanner is screaming with sirens and I don't like to hear of all the mayhem. The wind is blowing and making whiteouts as I look out through the cabin windows. The Mister is out blowing too - SNOW. We have about 6 inches of new stuff. 

James stands stoically, braving the cold (22°) awaiting my approach to remove his Christmas scarf. I think he will be waiting another month or so... it is frozen to his beard. Removal is not an option. 

I was adventurous enough to step out on the front porch. 

My friends who are snowbirds are missing all of the experiences of our true winter in all its glory. Local Weather just gave this warning: "BUNDLE UP! Our entire area is under a wind chill advisory beginning tonight. Temperatures will be in the single digits to below zero. Wind chill readings will be between -15 to -25 at times."


  1. I love the way snow almost turns the world black and white. Very nice pictures. As I type these words it's snowing again.

  2. so sorry about the wintertime woes!

  3. Oh my goodness....that's just way too cold and snowy for this former Colorado Mountain resident. I'm one of those snow birds...a permanent snow bird. Basking in 75 degrees and abundant sunshine.

    Poor least he has a scarf to keep him warmer!!

    And you two...stay safe and warm yourselves.