Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winding Down

Well it was a beautiful day but there are not many flowers in full bloom - yet, so I created more note cards. So far I’ve made 41 and sold 39. The two not sold are the ones I just made this afternoon. The Mister watched Sprint Cup races and I made cards. I have more creative juices running in the morning, though, and almost never feel like digging out all the supplies and starting in the afternoon. 

Time here is winding down and we’ll return for a month, and then come back! Yes, for two more months before the southern summer heat and humidity set in for the tourist season! It is not a peaceful nor a quiet place at all then. Vacating these premises is very necessary for a quieter time in the place we call “Tranquillity.” are the last six I made.
click on image to view larger

There is something for everyone and I would like to make some very whimsical ones...when I figure out what I mean I'll let you know.


  1. No wonder you're selling them like 'hot cakes'...they're ever so beautiful!!

  2. Very very creative! Nice work!