Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bingo Pizza

Usually every Saturday night we treat ourselves to pizza. I, personally do not like going out to eat and the Mister usually orders by telephone and then goes to pick up or we stay home and I prepare it.

For several years past, I have used the frozen box-type and it was OK, but not great. 

Recently, oh say for about 4 years, our friends in SC have been supplying us with the bread and I create our own. The Saturday night pizza is now call “Bingo Pizza.” That is because the French loaves and/or Italian loaves are winnings from the regular bingo games held at the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base Recreation Center. Many friends go there on a regular basis every Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to noon. There is no charge for bingo, but everyone brings a prize for the prize table. The local grocery stores also donate many good out-of-date items, such as donuts, vegetables, fruits, and breads. Since I don’t care for being in groups or crowds and don’t care for the bingo activity, I don’t participate.

But - I like the donations after friends return from the games. It seems that they win more than they can use, week after week, and I just freeze the excess bonanza.

Now, if I had the ambition, I might make my sauce, but I find the store sauce to be quite fine. I use high quality shredded mozzarella, and precooked sausage crumbles. That’s the way we like our pizza. Before baking I drizzle extra virgin olive oil  over each piece. It is then baked in a 400° over for about 20 minutes. 

Now I have to confess that I eat 1 1/2 slices and he devours the 2 1/2. There is none leftover and we are full! - until next week - of “Bingo Pizza.”
Before Baking

After Baking

Sauce (Iinternet Image)

Cheese (Internet Image)

Sausage Crumbles (Internet Image)

Olive Oil (Internet Image)


  1. Oh that looks so good! I love just about any kind of pizza.

  2. I did not know about J D Sausage crumbles...but, I only buy the all natural sausage in a white roll ---there is no MSG in that particular product from Jimmy Dean. And I do make my own sauce only because the store brand pizza sauces are so high in sodium. When you live with heart problems you'd understand why I do this. LOL

    But, I could easily eat as much as you when it comes to pizza breads!!! YUM!!