Friday, March 28, 2014

Fence Surprises

After joining a link up about good fences, I had fences on my mind. I believe I have some good fence photos in my archives, but today I went out and about especially to find fences - bad OR good. The following photos are today’s fences and a couple of surprises. It is my last chance to take pictures here and it was about to rain. It did rain just after I returned to cover up the golf cart until our next arrival. 
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  1. Very nice! I love shore fencing along the dunes! remember your dad when we first met, saying to Neal, "You don't need to put up a fence between neighbors." What he meant, we learned, was that he didn't want us to put up a fence, and we never did. We did put a long lead on a pulley on our clothesline so we could put our dog, Peppermint Patty on the hook at the other end, and she did enjoy trotting back and forth to the edge of the wooded area behind our houses. Your dad said that made better neighbors, and there were none better than your mom and dad. Fences can be beautiful, and even welcoming; ours has a gate to the driveway, of course, but also to our next door neighbor's yard (the previous neighbor was a friend of ours when we moved in, and the next few families were friends, too, but it's really to let our granddaughters who live diagonally behind our house in. They walk through their gate, and then across to ours, and, voila! They are here to visit. I like this post, and I really love your memories; they reach into the heart and soul of families, travel and wildlife in such a way that makes me remember my special moments with my family (my sibs and parents) and the family Neal and I raised. Your style is folksy, very detailed, which is great, and conjures up sweet feelings that we cherish. Write on, Gere! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to say taking a picture of a fence never occurred to me. I particularly like the close up of the water bird. I hope I'm not being too technical. I now have to think if I have any fence pictures. I knew a fence back in the 70's when I worked at an Italian bakery but he was a different species. Just for the record I am Italian and it was just a little joke. A very little joke.

  3. Love the ones on the beach!!! Of course the beach always has so many delightful photo ops.

    And, the quote you shared this morning on my comment form!!!