Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Camellia Study of Four Bushes HD 1080p

I wasn't sure how to spell this flower. It is listed as both Camellia and Camelia! Also, I took more pictures of a pinkish flower that may be one, but I also thought it could be a Magnolia, even though it was just a low bush. The leaves resemble the Camellias more but the centers don't. They have no fragrance so I've ruled out Gardenia.

Many of the bushes have freezing and ice damage but I found several intact yesterday. I really like the pink ones!


  1. What beauties!! Are they in your yard [when winter is over]?

    I think a gardenia [mostly bushes] are quite similar to the camellias...waxy leaves, white, waxy blossoms and the fragrance will tell you if it's gardenia.

    1. ...on second thought, maybe they're azaleas?


    2. Definitely not azaleas and no fragrance so they are camellias after all.

  2. Beautiful....I can almost smell them!