Friday, March 7, 2014

Note Cards Continuation Part 3

Finished - for now. I have burned out my desire to make note cards. I still have 9 more to make and they are all of the beach umbrellas and beach scenery. They will wait. I wanted to get the flowers mounted. The tally stands at 35. OK. Now what? Well the weather is ‘supposed’ to turn nicer over the weekend and I need to get out. My mind is full of cobwebs that need to be blown away. 

Maybe the Mister will be able to grill outdoors and I’m sure looking forward to it. Friends who have been in Florida for a while are stopping in to camp here on their way back to Pennsylvania. Well they may have to stay a while. The weather channel shows more potential for significant snow midweek. WHAT? Will it never end? 

Spring! Spring! Where are you?

Please click on image to view larger.


  1. Your note cards are so pretty. Good job!

  2. That's a lotta' note cards!!! They are all very cheery! I know you will be happy to have some old friends to visit with. I hope you have some unexpected wonderful weather to entertain them in. Just say no to snow!!!

  3. The note cards are beautiful! Certainly makes one think of spring.
    Maybe your friends would enjoy a tour of the campground to look for more signs of spring.....