Friday, September 13, 2013

South Carolina in the Late Summer Sun

The weather here has been great, full of sun and no rain. There aren't very many opportunities to take photos of nature's beauty at this time of year. But there are a few…and I find them. This is a very large campground and I never have to leave to find things that interest me. Many many years ago there was even a tiny cactus growing on the roof of an old trailer. I suppose that a bird dropped the seed. Today it still grows there and is becoming to be a full fledged beautiful plant. It bloomed this spring. When I ride around on my golf cart, I look up and down and sideways to find things others miss. I then share my finds with friends who also like to take pictures. 

Birds are still here but not my priority this week.

Pretty soon I'll venture out onto the beach. It's too hot for me currently and the sun and I don't get along very well now. I seem to develop itchy burning rashes and hives. Do you think it is because I don't get much exposure in PA? I've been spending all afternoon in the outdoor pool from 3PM to 5:30 PM with lots of sunscreen every day since arriving. YUK! I hate the stuff on me but it is necessary to avoid burning and those nasty hives.

Here you go….today's photos. And one of some friends.

Angel Trumpets and Mexican Petunia

Dark Red Crepe Myrtle


And some friends...

Tomorrow I'll post some more photos I took today of trees and trunks and fruits.


  1. We had a yellow Angel Trumpet [and a double petaled purple one] in our yard] but I think it's just not the right kind of soil here, and both died off.

    Love the crepe myrtle.

    That cactus is something else.