Saturday, September 14, 2013

Miscellaneous Campground Area Photos

The weather is still excellent but the flowers and pretty bushes are dying off - as they do each year. I go into my "other interesting growing things" mode as I do every September in the campground. We had a little excitement the other day when a large limb of a hickory tree fell on a resident's front porch roof section, and their brand new golf cart and car that were parked in just the perfect spot under that limb were crushed. I didn't have the heart to take pictures of the damages because the owner was sitting on the back of a security guard's golf cart bawling her eyes out. Her cat was missing and he usually is on the porch. Good news! Two days later the cat came back. We thought he was a goner but the cat came back.

So here are the other pictures I took that day.

Double trunk of a Palmetto tree

Catalpa Tree beans just starting to grow

Pindo Palm Tree ripe fruits developing

An unripe cluster is still green

There is a lady here who makes pindo palm jelly.
If I had equipment here I would make jelly.

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