Monday, September 16, 2013

Clyde's Creek Island Wildlife

Goats, Turtles and Egrets

On the small island here live several creatures happily getting along very well together.  I often ride over there to see what is going on and once in a while observe something quite interesting. Goats have resided on this island within the campground for over 50 years. The campground management has removed and castrated several of the rams because the population was difficult to manage. Yes, they feed the goats now with pellets of good feed.

In the Spring I wrote about all of the turtles and had photos to show them basking in the warm sun. 

I have never had the luck to capture the muskrats that I have seen many times. They are wary and slip away as I approach. One of them is a light brown. There is always a great blue heron or two catching fish from the gently sloping banks as well. 

This is the area where the swans nest and try to raise their cygnets but 'something' always seems to shorten the lives of the little ones. Foxes have been seen lurking in the area by a neighbor and my husband saw two one afternoon. 
Click on photo to enlarge

Can you see the 10 turtles back behind the goats?

Note crooked horn.

 There were 3 different egrets this day.


  1. I tried to get your blog to load yesterday afternoon so I could repay you a visit and leave a comment, but the video was broken [I left a comment on one of your other blogs] and I couldn't see any comment box here.

    Anyway, as I left in one of your other blogs, that question and answer part of my Wednesday blogging is not mine. It's a meme as you can find on my sidebar under the meme list..."Wednesday Hodgepodge". Joyce posts questions each Wednesday, anyone who plays along copies and then answers the questions on their own blog and then goes back to Joyce's site and links up.

    LOVED your egrets!!! They're so elegant.