Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to the Beach and Friends

One of my blogging friends actually missed me! Well I haven't felt like writing lately, and if it doesn't feel good - I don't do it. I didn't before, but now feel a bit, just a little bit to blog - just a little bit. 

We traveled to SC (13 hours straight through) on the day before Labor Day. The highways were not  very busy and it was  good decision. It is quite a job for us old(er) folks to pack up our pre-cooked foods and empty the refrigerator, order and be sure to bring medicines for the two month absence, and to endure the ride, that we are always bushed upon arrival. The good thing - very good thing, is that the trailer is always as we left it two months previously. NOTHING could be better than that! 

Once we arrive there is a two day recovery period. At this time of the year the winter-like clothes are put away, and we are getting reoriented to our surroundings, again. The golf carts have to be uncovered and the covers put away and the deck chairs, tables and chargers have to be brought up onto the deck. of course the deck must be hosed down first, and then dried. It's so nice when it hasn't rained for a few days and wet sand isn't brought up along with the necessities for porch sitting. We have no stairs or steps in PA so our legs get a heavy workout!

Grocery shopping is a necessary that is next on the list. We can only eat grilled cheese sandwiches for a couple of days before desiring a more varied menu. Because we always bring milk and cereal and bread and cheeses, we don't starve. We leave a new can of coffee so we can have the usual morning energy to do what must be done. 

We've been to the outdoor pool every day since our arrival and a stroll on the beach is next in order, but I have to watch out for too much sun. I had hives for three days because of overexposure already! Benedryl tabs took care of it - 4 a day! 

Friends of many past years all gather here at this time of year - some friendships since 1989 when we first came in our motorhome. There are "dates" for gatherings at several local restaurants scheduled and at campsites. Most of our friends are "transients" meaning they don't have a permanent place as we have had since 1999. Some have motorhomes, some trailers, some fifth wheel campers, some rent the villas. All are wonderful and regular people, just enjoying life. We've lost a few over the years, to death and illness and really miss them. 

This was supposed to be a bit of a blog but I got carried away, as usual. It is here that I find so many opportunities to photograph nature at its rawest and highest peak of beauty. It is here that I seem to be able to construct and teach various crafts that are fun and very varied. It is here that many have great satisfaction in the surf fishing and the beach and ocean fun. Mostly it is a very social time and I turn into a different person. 

More to come……
Frank & Ray 
 Bud of red flower below
 Not identified as yet
 Wild Morning Glory
 Pampas Grass
 My Pineapple Plant (started 1/1/13)
 Giant Beanstalk Flower
Pindo Palm Green Fruit


  1. Have a wonderful 2 months! The pictures are lovely!

  2. Enjoy....I do hope you can post a blog now and then.
    Your photos are outstanding!!