Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Red Lily

Who would think that I would sit in front of the boob tube for an entire movie - 81 minutes in length? I never, well almost never, watch movies. I landed on the Turner Classic Movie channel when surfing up and down on the little TV set in the dining room as I was finishing my mid morning breakfast. What drew my attention was the the lack of chatter and the old-time melodramic sound. It became to grab me as I saw such acting and the old performance techniques. It was an American film, produced in 1924.

As a young teen, I collected movie star photographs of the 30's and 40's. I sure wish I had them now because they were mailed to me and actually signed by the actual stars with a personal note added. I once had one of Wallace Berry! He was Long John Silver in Treasure Island. I recognized his face immediately in the movie I was watching this morning. Well the photographs are gone and I have no idea when, where, how or why I have them no more. Gone is gone.

Now, after some internet research, I have learned more about the movie that caused me to sit still for most of the morning.

You most likely, aren't interested at all in this, but I'll give out what I found anyway.

The Red Lily is a 1924 American silent drama film directed by Fred Niblo, starring Ramon Novarro, Enid Bennett and Wallace Beery.
Jean Leonnec (Ramon Novarro) and Marise La Noue (Enid Bennett) are pennyless lovers who eloped to Paris, she to become a prostitute known as 'the red lily', he to learn the ways of the underworld from Bo-Bo (Wallace Beery).  81 minutes
Ramon Novarro: He took the role of Hollywood's top Latin Lover following the 1926 death of Rudolph Valentino.  (my note: VERY interesting personal life.)
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  1. Though I know those pictures have sentimental value to you,I bet they would have quite a monetary value these days.

  2. I love old them on Three Coins In A Fountain. That's from the 50's. I guess that's not as old as this one.

    I used to have a signed picture of Mickey Dolenz from the Monkeys and the actor that played Sky King. I also have a signed letter from Ann Landers.

  3. Oh what a super post!! I love movies. Especially those made from way back. You may want to check out The Artist. It won an academy award a few years back....and believe it or not, it was done in black and white...AND it's a SILENT MOVIE like those of yesteryear.

    I even have a Charlie Chaplin doll/figurine actually.

    Oh, and sister used to collect 8x10s of the celebrities of the 40s and 50s.