Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pink, Red, White and Bark

I'm such a copycat and this is why.

When we go to the SC beach place, I take pictures of many flowers and trees, and many of them aren't to be found in NE PA. My blogger friend in Texas has shown me her crepe myrtle in bloom there and I would like to show "mine" as well. The ones in SC where I go seem to grow sideways due to the ocean winds, I suppose. I just love the bark - yes, the BARK!


  1. I don't think... no I have never seen bark like that on a tree.
    Nice pics.

  2. lol....the first time I had one of my own crepe myrtles shed their bark like that, I was sure they were sick. I called the nursery, terrified that they were going to die on me. He laughed, telling me that was what they were supposed to do. That was the beauty of a crepe myrtle, he said. Shedding bark? I thought it was the flowers! Well, as I have grown older, I am appreciating the shedding bark....kind of like wrinkling skin, I guess. It does make a mess in the yard, though!

    And imitation is the purest form of flattery. :) :) :)