Friday, August 9, 2013


• First, I take the pictures.
• Then I play with the pictures, manipulating them to my liking.
• Next I have prints made in 5" x 7" size with matte finish.
• Then I get out my white, pink, green, lavender and blue card stock and a ruler.
• I use double sided sticky tape to apply the photograph and/or pieces where I want.
• Sometimes I cut the edges of the card stock with fancy scissors.
• Sometimes I just tear the card stock edges.
• Sometimes I cut the edges of the photographs with plain or fancy scissors.
• Sometimes I use a little bit of ribbon.
• Sometimes I use left over cuttings with stick glue.
• Sometimes I mount them crooked and have to throw the whole works away.
• Sometimes I mount them asymmetrically.
• If I have two of the same print I might cut one and put a piece on top of the main with a bit of 1/8" sticky foam so the top piece is raised. (The raised layer doesn't show when scanned.)
• Most of the time I have now idea where I'm going.

• I know when enough is enough - for me at least. When it isn't fun anymore I quit!

These cards (with envelopes) all measure 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and one postage stamp will get a card to where it is sent! They all open to a very large blank writing space. Time to move on to another project! 

Sigh.......Project complete.
Click on photo to view larger.


  1. These are all very pretty! You are so talented! And I love that you do things like this. You and my mom are about the same age. Why can't she do things like this? I think she has given up on life. It's really sad for her. I hope I can be like you when I am 78. I really admire you.

  2. Very nice! You really are a talented lady.
    BTW, the Sea Glass was a big hit last night at my book club meeting. The dish was passed around and the sea glass was inspected by all after which we had an indepth discussion on sea glass at different beaches, including lakes. The sea glass was then incorporated into the book discussion, talking about the calming affect of walking the beach, looking for sea glass in the midst of a life of chaos. Thank you my friend....

  3. This work of art is lovely!!! You most definitely have a hidden talent that you shared with us. And I really like what you do with it.