Thursday, August 2, 2012

Poor Puppy


His first surgery was in January, 2009 for an aural hematoma and it went well, though left him with a tippy ear - for character!

Only holding him still - no hurt!

 After Surgery

All Better

A couple of years ago we noticed a marble sized lump on his side. Vet said it was a fatty tumor and to not worry until it was much larger. The time came to worry.......

Surgery was scheduled to be performed and had to be postponed due to my shoulder accident, so today was THE DAY.

In case you don't know about fatty tumors in pets, please read here to learn more:

We brought him home two and 1/2 hours after the surgery because he simply cannot be caged and kept at the vet's for the recovery period. After the first surgery, he woke up and tried to claw his way out of the cage, tearing his paws and toenails.
Well, We avoided this today.

He'll be just fine. Love this little old man (age almost 12) and hope to have him around a while longer.


  1. Poor thing has been through a lot. I do hope that he will be fine now.

  2. Please consider removing word verification on your blog. It is really hard to comment here.

  3. Hurrah for your puppy!!! And for you!!! I had a dog names Smokey when I was growing up that looked very much like yours. I hope he has a quick and easy recovery.