Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poor Camera!

Do NOT drop your camera! Especially if you know all about how to use it and love your results.

I purchased mine on January 28, 2008. Yes, it is almost five years old, but looks like it is twenty!

It was not a very expensive one to start with but it was chosen because it fits my "shooting hand and fingers" just right. You see, my hand was badly mangled in a saw in 1980 but functions OK except for holding on to things and not dropping them.

I think I read the owner's manual so many times, and have attached sticky notes on the pages I refer back to often, that it is just about worn out. On page 9 it cautions to not subject the camera to impact or shock. 

I have taken exceptional care of it, always using the neck strap and protecting the lens and the liquid crystal monitor - always. It is returned to its carry bag every time after use. 

Well... don't you know, that about a year ago I dropped it! In my bedroom! On the hard, tile covered concrete floor! I had left it on the desk and my hand caught the strap that was hanging over the edge.

The battery compartment lid flew one way and the little mode dial went the other. After finding them, I was aghast that the cover's little latches were gone, and the mode dial wouldn't snap back in place, being way too loose.

It has been "repaired" by me, and still functions correctly, but is a pain when I have to change modes and batteries. Oh well... Yea! for filament packing tape and Scotch tape.

I have used my computer to take photos of my repairs so you can see them. 


  1. I am glad you got your camera fixed. I would hate to be without one.

  2. Beth....You call that FIXED???? uh, no, I don't. I'm glad it works for you, but it's a shame that it couldn't be repaired so that you wouldn't have to tape it each time. It's amazing that it still takes good pictures!