Monday, August 6, 2012

Look Alikes

My 54 year old son visited last week and the minute he came in the  door he exclaimed, "You look just like Grandma!" I hadn't seen him in  person for a couple of years, you see. I replied, "Thank you! that is  one of the best complements I've had in a long time." He just looked  at me! 

My 56 year old daughter, who I don't see in person much also wrote me that "You all look so old!" when I sent her a photo of us with a friend from Colorado who was visiting us here. 
He used to be her boyfriend, and he lived with us  for about a year. I replied, "We ARE old!"

Here is why...... We ALL have those JOWLS!!!!!

 My Great Grandmother

My Grandmother

 My Mother


My Eldest Daughter 


  1. I can see a definite likeness down through the generations.

  2. Unfortunately for most of us, gravity has a way of pulling everything down....including our jowls. Isn't it nice that we learn to live with ourselves the way we were intended to be, instead of being like those Hollywood people who keep going under the knife trying to stay young and beautiful? I think it's wonderful finally not having to worry about every hair being in long as I am clean and ironed, I feel presentable. :)
    What's inside is more important, anyway!