Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Tip Top Day

Guess I just want to see if I can still do it - that is baking goodies without any help. Yes, had to ask  help to reach baking powder and pure vanilla flavoring from upper shelf, but that was all! Proud of myself. I could have stood on a stool but was a bit lazy.

The photos are only 1/4 of the amount baked. These are baked in a large flat pan and cut when still warm into bars. Want recipe? Just ask. I call them Pan Snickerdoodles.

We do love our sweets and the gooey chewy ones are the best. Oh! So GOOD! I gave away 1/4 of the batch to neighbors who were walking back from their dog walk and told them I would kill them if they shared any of these with the dogs!  They are that delicious.

Received great news today of the birth of a first new baby named Clara Rose.

 Isn't that a lovely name? This young couple will be marvelous parents. I just know.  For more about them go to Meg's Blog. 

All for now.................


  1. I am glad you were able to do some baking. They look delicious.

    That is a beautiful name for a baby. Congratulations to the parents.

  2. My daughter's favorite cookies were snickerdoodles and my mom made them for her whenever she got the chance. Those pan snickerdoodles look yummy!
    I love that the young people are using old names again...Clara is a very pretty name! Congratulations to you and her parents!