Sunday, October 18, 2020

Quick Ride

I had the day planned for our grandson and his partner to come and strip and clean my bedroom. Major job, because neither one of us can get on our knees to do it properly and thoroughly and it really needed doing! They said they would be a little later than 10:00am to start so I decided to take an early quick ride-about on this snappy brisk morning. Donning my lambswool scarf, hand-knitted hat and gloves along with two jackets, off I went with the camera. Well, I sure was glad to return and get warmed back up. This getting old is taking some of my tuff- stuff away!  Anyway, here are my images for today. We are almost ready; just have yet to cover the air conditioner, the porch swing and the golf car. They are next in line for winter protection. 

I guess the farmer forgot to gather his pumpkins and cut down the corn!
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The bedroom is clean clean clean! 
Yeow ~ what a fine job they did. It wasn't easy with all my things that needed to be moved out first!  Remember that all walls here are logs! The floors are asbestos tile from the 1960's over a concrete slab.


  1. Thank goodness for your hard working grandson. I liked the pictures. Oh I just do not have the desire to clean as I used to. I de-clutter and wipe and wash as much and as often as I can. I would love to rid ourselves of so much "stuff"...we no longer care about things and can't do the crafting, hobbies and woodworking once done here. Blessings, Stay safe. xoxo, Susie

  2. Nice to hear you got out some in the bisk air. Fall is my favorite time of year.

  3. Your grandson is a godsend! And your short outing in the fresh air was scenic.