Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sundry Shoots

Yes, I was able to find a Monarch Butterfly but it wouldn't stay put for the best shot. Meanwhile, back at the cabin my larvae is gobbling at the leaves in the jar. 
Up in the old rock garden the Mister's geranium is thriving in its pipe pot.
At one end of the garden the Wild Snapdragon (aka Toadflax) haven't bloomed but at the top of the area they have. Pretty yellow fellows!

There is a large group of this plant but I can't seem to identify it. HELP! It gives off a medicinal type aroma when crushed. No flower buds are evident.

And up on the edge of the road the Thimble Berries are beginning to form. The problem is that just as soon as one is mature, the birds eat them and there is no chance of me even plucking a cupful of ripe ones. I was lucky to even see them today!
Chomp, Chatter and Ladybird protect the garden from the local bear.
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