Tuesday, April 11, 2017

OH! What a Day it is!

My birthday flowers from March are so pretty as they sit on the front porch, attracting bees and reflecting marvelous glow due to the sunny day!  Cut Alstroemeria last a very long time! They are commonly called the Peruvian Lily and grow from a cluster of tubers. They come in many assorted and lovely colors. 
James is wearing his forsythia garland and is waiting for the daffodils to bloom. They promised to do just that soon.
These last couple of days had been exciting to see nature fly by and into places. I ACTUALLY saw a bald eagle fly over the lake, dip his claws into the water, and scoop up a large fish! I was in the kitchen and was so shocked that I didn't even have a minute to grab the camera as he flew over the dam into the woodland below carrying his trophy. THEN...this morning a huge red-tailed hawk flew into and right through my neighbor's double pane window, causing shattered glass to be blown indoors everywhere.

On the way to the laundromat this morning, the Mister saw a hen turkey coming up out of another neighbor's driveway and then on the way home two deer were walking down another neighbor's driveway. 

But best of all.....A big hearted neighbor, noticing our sad front lawn, brought his Bobcat to the rescue and smoothed it out, no charge! He just wished us Happy Easter! 
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Bring on FULL SPRING! We are ready!


  1. You're certainly ahead of us weather-wise though to be fair it has been quite lovely since Sunday with today the temperatures topping out in the 80's.
    Pretty neat seeing the eagle grab the fish!
    I remember a bunch of friends and I being called a bunch of tubers back in the 70's.

    1. And I sure bet you WERE a bunch of tubers! *underground root system.

    2. To answer your question about the camera. it's just a small, simple point and shoot.

  2. Pretty lilies. And all the wildlife...it sure must be spring. Too bad about the patio door damage...hope the bird wasn't badly injured....but, it's still part of living.

    Nice thing your neighbor did!!!

    1. The bird committed suicide and it wasn't a patio door that was damaged, it was a double pane window.

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