Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dull Days

Things have been very un-exciting these past few days. The internet and land line phone have be out of service and the TV's were functioning erratically. Today everything is back in good shape. It all is because Spectrum has taken over Time Warner and changes are being made.  So...what did I do? Well I baked a cake this morning and it was tasty treat after lunch. Lemon pudding cake and lemon icing.
Then I figured how to get on Instagram. It is basically for the people who use smart phones and pads, BUT I figured out how to send my pictures there with only my computer. (I don't have a smart phone nor a pad.) I also learned that only images that are square in shape will be shown fully. If there is one not square, the bottom or side is cut off. Here is one I just created and downloaded to the site. Brianna is one of my Great Granddaughters. 
I then photo manipulated a picture of a friend who fell off a 10 foot porch deck when the railing broke last year and she was very badly injured. Her recuperation has been amazing to say the least and she has worked extremely hard to become as whole again as is possible. 
The other thing I got involved with was the fun Bitmojis. Onward and keeping busy.
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  1. I have spectrum for computer cable. They switched over over here quite awhile ago. Your cake looks delicious...you're ingenious figuring out Instagram ... but...

    Most of all your granddaughter is PRETTY! 😊

    1. Great Granddaughter, one of 4! All are pretty, YES!