Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Serious Business

When your toilet seat needs to be replaced it has to be replaced. When we moved into this old cabin in 1997, the seat that we used was the same one that had been installed by my father many years before then. He was also known as using second-hand goods in here, so I have no idea if it was purchased new but it was serviceable for many, throughout a significant number of years. Finally, the white painted surface was worn through and the bracket that held it onto the bowl was failing.

In 2004 we went to Home Depot while we were in SC when shopping for something else. We saw and then bought and brought a beautiful (if you can say a toilet seat is beautiful) oak wood toilet seat with a patterned top back to PA with us. Because I keep detailed records of cabin expenses and improvements, I can tell you that it cost $35. plus tax.
SEE? It IS beautiful!
Alas, it lasted for only 12 years. The brackets were failing and no longer were stable. Off to the Home Depot the Mister went, to find a new replacement. In err, he brought home a WHITE one! He was so concerned about getting a round and not an oval, that he picked up an UGLY WHITE one. I think the Sta-Tite factor had some influence on his choice as well. 
Back it went for a refund as there was no other in a nice wood available. Soooooo, I ordered one online from Lowe's. Well when it came, it was UGLY bamboo wood. It looked nice on the computer screen but there was no finish to speak of and failed my exam. We took it back to Lowe's in person to protest its quality and were given an entire refund of $63.76. Still there was no other in the store that was suitable soooooo.......
(Online photo)
I searched and found another online at Home Depot this time and we picked it up and kept it ready for use and now have installed it. Cost $52.61.
(Online photo)
(Online photo)
It isn't nearly as nice as the old one with the herringbone pattern but it is real wood and the color is honey oak. The fittings are  brass. We will just have to get adjusted to the seat as it is not as well rounded as the former one. See?

It IS a big deal getting a toilet seat. The final one was installed today but it was ordered on February 24! The beautiful one finally gave out. This new replacement has been sitting in the closet waiting to take over any jobs that need to be done. It is good to be prepared. 

Whoever posts such a topic? Well I do. Toilet seats are an important part of life. 


  1. First off....I am DROOLING over the apple pie!! I have some apples, and I thought of making a pie also, but I think I'll make dumplings. Served warm of course with a bit of vanilla ice cream.

    As for the seat....I would like the all wood too. Your first one is very attractive.

  2. you're funny. but that old seat was pretty.