Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day Off

I took a day off from baking and just played with my pictures yesterday. I really am procrastinating the start of making an apple head. Now that the creative juices are somewhat satisfied, the apple will be carved later today. I'm blabbering but it sometimes feels good to blabber! So....
"Painted Vision"
"Bat Attack"
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  1. Amazing Ms. G!!!

    My sister has an apple orchard, and there was a bumper crop this year....she gave to charities, churches, rest homes etc. And finally, still more apples, she had some come in to help pick and they set 'em in bushel baskets along the country road for any takers.

    Wish I was there, I'd take a few bushels home with me.

    ps...Yay!!! I'm here, getting around to visiting my Blogger buddies! You're on my list of catching up with since my week's absence. I'm so happy I stopped by today.

  2. Amazing, specially the flying bats

  3. Amazing, specially the flying bats