Friday, July 29, 2016

Red Havens

I mean RED HAVENS - Peaches are in!

These peaches are Red Havens - It is a freestone peach and I can remove the pit without taking half of the peach with it. They are not very fuzzy either for just eating.
Years ago I learned how to can these wonderful peaches by watching my grandmother and mother working together in a small kitchen. The jars then had rubber gaskets and a wire lid fastener. Many of them were green along with the clear ones. There was a lot of boiling going on in that kitchen! It sure was a wonderful treat to have during the winter but we had to beg for her to open one as they were considered a treasure. They were canned in halves.  Later in life I, too, canned peaches, made peach conserve, jam, juice, pies, and more. Today it's probably going to be cobbler - the easiest for me to make now.


  1. Ooo they sound tasty! There's a lot of boiling going on here but it's outside. This is the first day in two weeks that it hasn't been over 90 degrees but it's still quite humid.

  2. What a treat - love the cobbler!