Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Snowers

Darn weather has just about killed my daffodils just as they were starting to bloom! 

20 degrees here this morning and the generator ran for a few hours last night as the snow and winds did damage to a few trees and power sources in our area.
The snow didn't stay on the roads, but the cinder truck just came through after I took these pictures.
James stands matter-of-fact while waiting for his spring garland. 
And I'll be exploring and learning how to use my Wacom - a birthday gift from family. This is my first endeavor.
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  1. Happy late Birthday! How does a Wacom work?

  2. I also would like to wish you a late, but none the less, happy birthday.
    Never mind how does a Wacom work, What is a Wacom? Is it a computer that you have to whack to start it?