Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Green Thumb Fairy

There is not much room here to grow vines that like to climb, but that mischievous Green Thumb Fairy struck me again!

If you were following me in 2012, I posted the first installment of how this all began. At first we had no idea what the large vine with the humungous bean was because it came as a house gift to a beach neighbor. One bean in a can. She planted it. It grew. She gave me one of the two pods.
The next year I gave her back some of the seeds which I had dried and saved.  She planted again and they grew wonderfully long and produced many large pods. She gave me a choice and I saved another pod.
Then I gave some of those seeds to a different beach friend. Hers thrived as well. She saved seeds and intended to plant them in 2014. She planted moonflower seeds instead! Luckily she found the bean seeds she had saved and planted them last year.
She sent me some and I thought I'd try again as we sold our place in the south. My first plants froze when we left them in Pennsylvania. Here I go again! 2016 beans are in the process - dang that fairy - I just couldn't resist AND...I HAVE PLANS! I hope some will germinate as I have never started any using this method. We shall see. This is what I did today!
soda bottles cut and hole drilled in cap
Clothesline wick should work
Big mess! too cold out today to work there
Beans soaked overnight and nicked
Sitting in sunny window waiting for germination
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  1. That is a big bean. Good luck planting!

  2. Oh I DO HOPE some will germinate after all that work involved. I've not heard of a 'hummingbird vine'...will have to Google no.

    Good luck. Keep us posted with the progress.

    1. Anni, I'm confused. Why do you refer to the hummingbird vine here?