Monday, April 25, 2016

What to do Now?

I have a friend who makes magnificent albums through the scrapbooking process. She really is organized, creative and inspired. The latest ones are family trees with information, photos, and appropriate embellishments. What I'm getting to is that she give me her left-over paper! Oh YES! After refurbishing and repairing and rebuilding my old and damaged family albums, I am joyful to be free now to move on to do something that is fun!

I saw on the internet some paper flowers that seemed simple and have made a few today. One sheet of the scrapbooking paper was cut into strips and these stiff old fingers made flowers! I still have 6 strips left and then will try another sheet. It is fun for me and very relaxing. No pressure. Now to find out how to make leaves. I have an empty metal wreath that might be just the thing for mounting them.

I do not like to follow directions. I never have so mine might be "different." We shall see.....

Do you know that if I had a solid large wall, about 6 feet tall, I would love to apply the sheets in a crazy quilt manner all over it? It would be my happy/crazy place for escape. I can see it now.

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