Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back to Work

I have no excuses for not getting on with this project as my supplies have arrived. After removing the photos from the old and dilapidated photo album from 1961 - 1972 of when we lived in NJ and came to the lake in PA on a regular basis, I am, I think I am, ready to start putting them on new pages. Whatever glues I used in those days really stuck and the removal process was difficult and tedious. I had a difficult time trying not to tear any and keep them in order. What a nasty job! Each one had to be re-trimmed so they were neat and clean for the new corners to slip on easily.
I don't know how many there are and hope that my new supplies will be adequate. There are corners enough for 315 pictures. I will not even consider making an album of all of the loose ones that are stacked in a boot box from 1972 on, until I started putting them on the computer(s). As it is my habit to always finish what I start, this particular project will be completed soon and I can go on to other things. The loose ones will stay in that box.

The Alstroemeria flowers from my birthday are still very pretty and the wine helps my attitude at the end of trying days. So...back to work!
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  1. Yes wine can help you get through some problems. I believe Arlene and I will tearing into some wine tonight, well drinking as wine is hard to tear. I too have to finish a photo project but that won't happen until all my moving nonsense is done.