Saturday, October 17, 2015

Five to Seven

At five o'clock yesterday afternoon we had a beautiful rainbow after a shower. I missed most of it when my grandson gave the alert while he was repairing the dock as I was in the middle of something I couldn't immediately leave!  This is all I got but it is still O.K. 
At seven o'clock this morning we had a beautiful sunrise. I was alerted to it because I could see the red glow in the lake. I had to go outdoors and all through wet leaves and grass to get to the point where I could take a picture. I missed the best of it but this is what I captured. It is OK as well.
(Click on image to view larger)
The beauty of Mother Nature is always food for the soul. 


  1. Love shots like that. There are few horizon shots around here.
    By the way I do store my photos to disc. I'm closing in on 100 discs already. The ones on my computer were odds and ends and simply many pictures and videos that I let hang around too long taking up space. I've put a good dent in them today.