Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Remember that I was growing a pineapple from one that was sent as a gift for me from Hawaii at Christmas three years ago? You don't? Well anyway, it is growing at a friend's home in South Carolina and is now producing! I gave it up for adoption (it was named Pacifica) to be raised in an area where there would be a better chance of its survival.  Soon I'll make a video slide show of the entire story but for now - look!

Of course I still get to play with her

No matter where I am.

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  1. Pretty cool with the pineapple!
    Nice work playing with the pictures!

  2. My father did the same thing with one that we stowed-away in our luggage once from a trip to Hawaii....he planted it in the ground. In Colorado. It grew but never produced fruit. Go figure...ummmm...a Colorado Winter? No way would it make little pineapples. But he was proud of it.

    Love your 'playing' with photos.