Monday, November 17, 2014

My Experience - Granddaughter's Wedding

Amber Lynne’s Wedding

A couple of days before the trip to NJ I went to daughter Missy’s to try on blouses and jackets that would be necessary to wear - one outfit for the rehearsal dinner and one for the actual wedding at the church and the reception. I had good shoes and slacks. I didn’t take a coat. I was planning to bring the old faux fur coat, but the lining was really too tattered and my common sense took over. Then I dug out a vintage 1960 piece of American Tourister luggage from the top shelf of my closet in which to put a bag of necessary magic tools which would make me presentable. I had stored extra towels in it and now filled it with with things I thought I’d need. Of course, it didn’t have wheels or wasn’t modern but it was in excellent condition and served my purpose. Both of my daughters and a son-in-law had to lug it from place to place, though. I could have pulled it if it had a handle and wheels!

My Pa daughter and I arrived to my NJ daughter’s home in time to have a lunch of assorted sandwiches on wonderful fresh breads. She had pre-ordered this, along with the next day’s breakfast of freshly baked muffins and donuts from a local bakery. She and her husband were not there when we arrived because they were taking their two dogs, a young Boxer and an old Boston Terrier, to a special “dog sitter.” The Bengal cat greeted us warmly. We all left for the rehearsal at the church later that afternoon. The traffic was TERRIBLE! It was Thursday, and working people and school busses and the large machines that suck up the huge piles of leaves at all the curbs were slow traveling and many.

At the restaurant after the rehearsal, PANEVINO RISTORANTE, there were appetizers and a buffet with great selections of authentic Italian foods. White or red wine was served throughout the time there. It was very noisy and the excited jabber and conversational interchanges were both animated and loud. We surely didn’t leave hungry or thirsty!

The next day, after the hairdresser appointment and the application of makeup and the full dressing was completed, my daughter, mother of the bride, and her husband, all fully dressed left for the bride’s home to be in the start of a video. We left later, taking with us her husband’s elderly father and made it to the church on time.  The traffic, again was “stop and go” all the way. This is Friday traffic - appalling afternoon. 

The wedding ceremony was solemn, ritualistic and a celebration as well. It lasted about one and one half hours. Photographers, both professional and personal took pictures throughout the service. That surprised me and seemed rude for the unprofessionals to be snapping and flashing. The professionals were less conspicuous.

After the congratulations and hugs were given along the receiving line the next road trip for me and my PA daughter was to the Wyndham Hotel. We followed my sister and her husband as they had already familiarized themselves with the route. We would have been lost for certain on our own.

The room had been pre-booked by my daughter. It was very nice, with all of the amenities. You know - an iron, an ironing board, a hair drier, treats and more. The first thing I did was to make a cup of coffee and take off my shoes. They weren’t hurting my feet  at all - I just needed them off. We rested a little, but knew that soon the real celebrations would begin. You know, all the “meets and greets” and back slappings and face recognitions. Smiles and frowns would be abundant everywhere. 

Down we went from the 3rd floor to the lobby and into the shuttle bus that was waiting to  take us to the  Brooklake Country Club, a few miles away. Then into the  “Venue” we stepped - as they call it in NJ. I was being educated more. We were guided to the third floor of this beautiful place where it was “cocktail time” and I simply cannot describe the appetizers that were spread out in grand style. My daughter brought me some jumbo shrimp, lobster claws, and a vodka martini on ice as I requested. There was so much spread on decorated tables there I just did not understand such excess and array of delicious foods; canapés, hors d’oeuvres, tidbits, dips, relishes, fruits, antipastos, aperitifs, finger foods, and munchies. Then we were called into the main room.

It was a menu to never forget.

In between courses there was dancing, music and expected wonderful activities. I stayed until the end.  We then went back to the hotel on the shuttle, and to bed. The next morning, a breakfast bar for the wedding party and all of us was the finale’ and then the goodbyes and trip back to PA. 

The couple left Sunday for St. Lucia in the Carribean for a ten day honeymoon. St. Lucia is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, St. Lucia and is located midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, and north of Barbados. St. Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a shape that is said to resemble either a mango or an avocado (depending on your taste). The Atlantic Ocean kisses its eastern shore, while the beaches of the west coast owe their beauty to the calm Caribbean Sea.  

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

By the way, her brother was married last year - on her birthday - but he had an accident at work two days before this wedding and broke his foot and wasn't able to attend as a groomsman. His wife was there as a bridesmaid and their new baby stayed at home with her father. I did get to visit with one of my sons and be introduced to his new lady friend. My other daughter was there and I visited a bit with my grandchildren and her husband. 

I've already had a professionally made video link sent to me and it was nice. Now I'm anxious to see the photo proofs and hope she'll send me a picture. 


  1. Sounds like a busy, but wonderful, weekend.
    Memories to cherish.....

  2. N.J. I believe, is the most densely populated state in the country. I can relate to stop and go traffic.

    Man! The food! 'Nuff said.

  3. Everything sounds and looks so elegant! Beautiful bride, delicious menu, glowing smiles. Despite the traffic and little annoyances it looks like it went very smoothly. Now, wonder if you can get your suitcase retrofitted with wheels and a handle. :)

  4. I was just up in the attic and saw my old suitcase, just like yours. The bride looked lovely. The wedding sounds like a wonderful affair.