Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Time...

Baking has begun.

Truthfully, I baked a store-bought pumpkin bar mix and it was wonderful!  The bars had the texture just like chewy brownies, and the flavor was wonderfully pumpkin spice. Wow! I sure wish this limited edition mix was available all year long. All I had to do was add one stick butter and one egg, mix well and press the dough into my 8" x 8" glass baking dish. The package suggested that I grease the dish but I didn't and they came out easily. No frosting of any sort was needed. They were excellent plain. The nine tasty bars were gone in three days! I'm so sorry I didn't buy a supply of this.
Today I baked plain old style sugar cookies. What a sweet tooth we have in the winter! For the second time I can remember I tried some store-bought cookie icing to decorate them. It was just something I had to try, but it definitely wasn't needed. My decorating skills would need much more refinement if I had planned to share these.  Oh! and the sugar drop cookies are soooo much easier (just not as prettily shaped) than the spritz style that I made about a month ago. 

 Can you smell the essence of almond? 

 I ended up decorating them all and improved my technique a little.

Maybe we'll just have cookies and milk for lunch. How does that sound?