Saturday, February 15, 2014

SC Feb 2014 (3 Days)

We have been here one week. I think my story can be told better with the pictures I took during the last 3 days. Our deck was so icy that we were trapped to either pacing on the deck outside or watching from the trailer windows indoors. The 2nd day I got out and about in the golf cart surveying the aftermath. Many limbs were down throughout the campground, but no really serious damage was obvious to the eye. The staff has been working overtime to clean up the mess. The best part during the ice storm is that no one here was hurt and we didn't loose power. That was the worst fear as the temperature was down to 29° on the day of the ice. 

I don't know if the palms and palmettos will come back. I don't think so. They have never been all brown like this in the fifteen years we have been coming here. I guess they really didn't like the freezing temperatures throughout the winter! We were happy to not have frozen plumbing upon arrival. Some others did. 

Quite a Valentine's Day! Full sun and warm. There was a beautiful full moon too! I just didn't have the energy to ride the two blocks to the beach to capture it.

Last night at 10:30pm there was an earthquake inland but we didn't feel it.


  1. It's so sad when so much damage is done by ice.....but thank the good lord above that no ONE was hurt, especially you. :) Glad to know your pipes weren't frozen. It would have kind of been ironic had they been when your cabin has been hit so hard by snow and ice and you are always prepared there.

    I'm also glad that you didn't feel the earthquake!! That would have been terrifying!

  2. Take care of yourself and BE CAREFUL going home when you do go back to the lake!!

  3. Hope it's warming up and stays warm so you can enjoy the time there.