Thursday, February 20, 2014

Foggy on Pelican Island

Pelicans roost in trees, often on small islands. This morning there was only one to be seen through the fog.

The seagulls flew inland. I think they believe I had something for them to eat. I was given the eye and then they flew away. 

The cormorants were roosting on a small wooden structure that encircled some sort of metal tank. 

Mocking birds were very bold and didn't move away as I approached. They were noisy.

I found a few palmettos that weren't damaged by the cold weather. 

The beach was bare.

That was my morning.


  1. Sounds so much better than my morning. Right now I envy you. Being able to go out and around and take some pictures. I'm dying to go to the ocean. It's only 6 miles away but around here that's a journey. It's almost easier to drive to Cape Cod. Almost. Very nice pics.

  2. Oh if that was a video I couldn't view it. It's my computer.

  3. Wow! The beach was BARE. I didn't know that EVER happened. Has everyone gone home?