Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Futile Hunting

I rode around the park for a bit this morning. The bale of turtles was large. I believe there were over 30 sunning themselves on the end of the little island. I tried very hard to be inconspicuous as I approached to take a picture, actually just creeping small steps at a time from behind a tree. BUT! They saw me and immediately slipped back into the water. I could only find one head above the surface. I even sat on the wet ground and waited---waited---Oh well, I gave up, and got up with a damp backside.

In pure frustration I took pictures of the ducks and one egret. Nothing interesting or enlightening there.

As I traveled to the other side of the park I checked in on the lovely cactus plant that I have been watching for several years as it developed.  It seems that the abandoned trailer had enough dirt on its roof in the beginning to be nutritious enough for a seed to grow. It might have been dropped there by a bird. Last year the first blooms came. Well, sadly it went from bloom to doom after our ice storm. A small branch from the live oak tree has crushed this unusual sight.


Last year I had better luck with my captures!


  1. The weather looks a lot nicer where you are than here.
    I particularly like the second picture
    I remember seeing cactus like those in Italy on two family trips to see my grandparents.
    I went deer hunting once, never futile hunting though.

  2. Cactus are hardy tho!! We had 'em freeze to the ground in the Colorado mountains and they always came back with a flourish. Hope this one will survive.

    LOVE the duck photo. But of course, you know me, a bird lover.

    And the turtles, they'll do that. I think they have eyes in the back of their shells too!!

  3. I remember seeing that cactus last fall with you. Is that part of the cactus I'm seeing under the tree branch? Maybe it survived. I'm looking forward to another tour of the campground with you. If only Myrtle Beach would get warmer..........