Monday, February 3, 2014

Don't Fall!

Joyce is my 72 year old sister. She fell last week, breaking both arms, cutting her chin and is incapacitated for a while. She slipped and fell at home in the morning in her bathroom. Now both arms are in casts. I was so sorry to hear this. I know how it feels to have such pain and not be able to function but I only broke my humerus and rotator cup. I had function of one arm even if I'm not left handed. How horrible it must be to have someone have to do everything for you until you can do it by yourself. Think on it.  Think hard on it. When we age a broken "anything" is bad and I plead with you be very careful and don't fall and break anything. I remember what a shock it was to me when I went down so unexpectedly. I had a difficult time believing I fell so suddenly and felt so shocked.

The good news is that she has a very caring husband and girlfriend who are attending to her every need - and some of them are difficult for both the caregivers and her. Think on it. Think of not being able to use either arm in addition to being in pain. Don't fall!


  1. Very good advice. I am trying to be very careful! I am glad your sister has help.

  2. This time of year, falls are more apt to happen. But, no matter what time of year, they're unexpected. Hope she continues to recover as as we age, it seems to take longer to heal. Will she have to go to therapy to get full use again?

    By the way, yesterday you mentioned that you couldn't read the mouseover captions on my images? Take your mouse over the images today if you have time --- yesterday's post anyway -- as I used more coding to see if it would work for you this way. Let me know. I try to accommodate everyone if I can. If it works, I will try to remember doing it on all my posts when I do that code.

    1. I just installed Chrome for a test run on that browser, and have checked Firefox and I E...and can't understand why it's not working for you in particular, unless you have your browser settings different...or you're using a tablet or cellphone or maybe a mac.

      I tried everything I know. Sorry it still doesn't work for you. If you move your mouse over one of my recent images and hold your mouse atop a picture for a while, this is what should come up to view...

      Here's how it should look

    2. Thanks for your help! The captions work very well on my Apple MacbookPro laptop but not on my 27" iMac. I use Safari on both. I'll switch over for your blog!