Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The water was flowing over the spillway last night at 8:38 as I took this video from the bridge. Hear the thunder? Sorry that my camera doesn't make good videos.

Today I took a ride to the far end and a stream from the woodsy area was flowing fast into that end of the lake. I love having the golf car to see what is going around. We, luckily had no damage. In the past we did when the catch basin plugged with debris. Others down the road had washouts. A lot of rain fell.

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(click on very short movie link below)

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  1. I hear the thunder....it sounds soooooooooo good!! Wish we had the rain coming our way. Maybe soon. I hope sooner than later.

    Running water is pretty. Sometimes lethal, but still pretty.

    Great images today Ms. G