Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Two Wild Weeds

One is Wild Dill Weed
Two is Wild Chicory Weed

These grow all over, in and around on banks as traveled on the golf car today looking for something - anything of interest to me. I didn't go too far this time. Everything there is, I've seen before. I was hoping for a special encounter or something to see that I might have missed. Nope! Just more and more of the same things. BUT.....

I did nip off a couple of these to create my little porch bouquet today.  Whenever I see the wild chicory, I just have to sing the song. Perhaps you know it as well. Perhaps not. It was popular in 1945!  Sammy Kaye sang it. There is much more and it is not about my kind of chicory but about a chicken! Oh well...Looney me!

"Chickery chick, cha-la-cha-la
Check-a-la-romey in a bananika
Bollika, Wollika, can't you see Chickery chick is me?"

and it goes on with more verses...............
Written by Sylvia Dee/Sidney Lippman
I cut a tiny bit of each for my porch bouquet. Most of the dill weed plants - and there are many, grow at the road's edge across the lake where we used to live. I had a garden full of dill for making my pickles. I wonder if the seed spread? That was over twenty years ago but I remember well its aroma. These have already gone to seed but brought back garden memories. Perhaps I shall save some seeds.
(this is a photo from the internet showing the seeds)

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  1. I think chicory is sooooo pretty. I have looked for seed in the plant nurseries before, and even asked the clerks about it...come to find out there is a Texas law that prohibits planting them since they're invasive. But it'd be nice to have the BLUE flower.

  2. I can't find anything that there is a Texas law about chicory. I went to the Texas database for invasives and can't find it listed there.

    1. well, that is what I was told at our nurseries here...maybe it's just the county.