Friday, January 29, 2016


Venison is very tasty and we love it. My brother just passed through with a couple of pieces for us as he just picked up his order from the processor.  We really appreciate receiving this treat as the Mister no longer hunts. 

From the menu showing Deer processing:

•Venison Bacon  $4.00/LB   1/2 venison & 1/2 pork.

Brother brought one piece, smoked and packaged incased. We sliced with electric knife and stored stacked in large container. Can warm or eat as is, cold.
•Venison Smoked Chipped Hindquarter  $17.00 leg.

Brother brought one package, 16 thin slices.
Can warm or eat as is, cold. He told us it tastes exactly like tender corned beef. (it does!)
Believe it - we already had tastes. 

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